Say "Hello" to your new design department

The Documentalist is a new design agency that can not only design your customer-facing documents, such as brochures, data sheets and manuals, but also completely update your internal collaterals too, from company forms and documents to posters and exhibition materials, logo design and branding. 

The Documentalist is your single point of contact to help you achieve your creative goals, to crystallise your brand and maintain consistency across your entire media. 

"Anything Design" is our mantra. We can design and redesign just about everything, from the smallest to the largest projects. Get in touch to see how we can help!

6bd832ce-fe90-4d17-8e82-31872428d295jpgWhy choose us?

Why should you choose The Documentalist for your company's design? Well, here are three reasons! Click to read more...


"Anything design" is our mantra. The Documentalist can help you with all aspects of your company's creative output. Read more about about our range of services.

5fc9267f-fd61-491a-8864-bc1a8ce518dejpgCase Studies

The Documentlist has worked with some great companies and helped them achieve their creative and branding goals. Read more about their journey.


In a previous life, The Documentalist did lots of design for both both the company and its clients. Here's just a selection of the kind of stuff we do.

Something slightly less serious...

antique-black-and-white-blur-698324jpgWork doesn't have to super-serious all the time. The whole point of The Documentalist is to make what we do enjoyable, not just for us but for our clients too. So we've put together a blog for general ponderings and apparent random streams of consciousness, opinion and anything else vaguely interesting!